The IASL 2016 Conference will be held at the Meiji University Surugadai Campus, Tokyo.

Meiji University is one of a leading private universities in Japan. In 1881, it was founded as Meiji law school, as the Motto “the rights of freedom, independence autonomy”. From 1903, the system was reorganized as university, and since then, Meiji University has produced more than 500 thousand graduates. In recent years, applicants has been above 100 thousand. There are 10 undergraduate and 12 graduate schools in the university system, and four campuses of Surugadai, Izumi, Ikuta, and Nakano. The venue for the 2016 IASL conference is Surugadai campus.

Libraries are widely known in the Japanese library community. Central Library of Surugadai campus won the award “Japan Library Association Architecture Prize” (2002). Annually about 3,000 visitors come, including the visitors from overseas. Izumi campus library was established in 2012, as the stay-type library by zoning, and was also awarded the same prize in 2014. There also has contemporary comics library, contains about 180,000 items, and Yonezawa Yoshihiro Memorial Library with the pop culture materials.

Ochanomizu-Kanda area where Meiji University Surugadai campus is located is known as a cultural spot in Tokyo. Within 10 minutes-walk, there are Yushima Cathedral known as “Japanese birth place of school education,” Orthodox Cathedral in Japan important cultural property of Japan, and a number of cultural facilities. Kanda is the world’s largest bookstore Street, and furthermore home to the largest music store district. You can walk to the Imperial Palace once Edo Castle was built, to museums, parks, forest of Ueno area, and to major subculture center of Akihabara (AKIBA). Why not come and visit us here!
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